huge cache mod_virtuemart category folder. running out of inodes

Started by ptrouw, July 08, 2022, 09:07:54 AM

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I have a huge /cache/mod_virtuemart category folder and I have been running out inodes a couple of times. It is creating a new cache file every 10 seconds or so.
If I look at the setting of module VirtueMart Category it is set to: cache to Yes and Caching Time 300. I tried to switch caching off but then I am getting this big error on the front-end:

"0 - Too few arguments to function mod_virtuemart_category::displayCatsMod(), 4 passed in public_html/modules/mod_virtuemart_category/mod_virtuemart_category.php on line 66 and exactly 5 expected"

Should cache be automatically deleted or refreshed? And why can't I switch it off without this error message?

Any ideas?

Kind regards, Paul

using: J3.10.4 and VM 3.8.9 and VM AIO 3.8.9