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Link to category not working when SEO is enabled

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When I create a menu item for the category, the URL is broken
Look in the top menu under the menu item "Irányjelzők", it's a virtuemart category
If I select a subcategory here (DOB-040), it already gives me a bad URL:
It does not have the "iranyjelzok" url part.

If I go to the shop home page (Autólámpa webáruház) then the other categories are fine.
Here for example when selecting the category "Ködlámpák" the subcategories contain the full category tree
Going down one more level:
This is perfect.

But the "Compasses" category in the top menu is wrong:

I have tried the previously suggested setting but it does not work for me.

I ran into the same problem. Does anyone found a solution for this?

Kind regards


Yes, please try this RC


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