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fake registrations

Started by guardiano78, May 31, 2022, 08:47:19 AM

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I have a Joomla website that uses virtumart.
Yesterday the website starts receiving massive registration fake accounts.
I activated and configured the "recaptcha v2 invisible" plugin, but it did not initially activate.
In the recaptcha settings I have set the safest mode.
I was forced to make some changes to the virtuemart registration form file.
Now it seems to work, but I keep getting fake registrations.
As you see attached picture, human verification is displayed immediately, but if I click out of recaptcha box, it disappear. Is it normal?
Can anyone help me understand recaptcha is working or what if I did something wrong?
I cloned the website on:

if it helps, I am attaching a screenshot of the plugin screen I am using.

Joomla 3.10.9 - Virtuemart 3.6.8
I thank everyone for any possible help.


I finally decided to activate recaptcha v2 "I'm not a robot".
At the moment I haven't received fake registrations yet.
I hope I have solved the problem.


I recall that invisible ReCaptcha did not work in older VM versions, this was fixed sometime in the VM3.8 series and works OK in VM4.
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