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'Sort By filter' not showing on front end

Started by Lydiasupplyingdirect, May 18, 2022, 15:49:59 PM

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Hi guys,

We've recently added some code to our default.php file for a 'sort by/name/price etc' to our website but it's just not showing on the front end. I've added a screen shot of the settings we've got in virtuemart, are these set correctly?

This is the code we have used:

<?php // Show child categories ?>
<div class="orderby-displaynumber">
   <div class="floatleft vm-order-list">
      <div class="orderlistcontainer"><div class="title">Sort by</div><div class="activeOrder"><a title=" +/-" href="/wear/dirDesc?keyword=">Ordering  +/-</a></div><div class="orderlist"><div><a title="Product Name" href="/wear/by,product_name?keyword=">Product Name</a></div><div><a title="Product SKU" href="/wear/by,product_sku?keyword=">Product SKU</a></div><div><a title="Category" href="/wear/by,category_name?keyword=">Category</a></div><div><a title="Manufacturer name" href="/wear/by,mf_name?keyword=">Manufacturer name</a></div></div></div>       <div class="orderlistcontainer"><div class="title">Manufacturer: </div><div class="Order"> Producer</div></div><div class="clear"></div>   </div>
   <div class="vm-pagination vm-pagination-top">
            <span class="vm-page-counter"></span>
   <div class="floatright display-number">
Results 1 - 5 of 5<br/><select id="limit" name="limit" class="inputbox" size="1" onchange="[this.selectedIndex].value">
   <option value="/wear?limit=15">15</option>
   <option value="/wear?limit=24" selected="selected">24</option>
   <option value="/wear?limit=30">30</option>
   <option value="/wear?limit=60">60</option>
   <option value="/wear?limit=150">150</option>

Any help would be much appreciated!


L Bustin