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Hello devs,

Here it says one can create product bundles, but it's not clear how. Can anyone tell how products bundles can be created? Thanks.

Create a customfield bundle. Select a category there, if you want to list only a certain type of products in the product edit. For example you sell pocket lights and you want to offer different types of batteries, then you could set the customfield on batteries. Name the customfield "Batteries" Now go to your product pocket light, add the customfield Batteries. Then you see a pricing option and a dropdown of the products in the category "batteries". Then you can for example add a cheap battery for free, or give the opportunity to select another battery, with more power for some extra price. Or a reduced price of the actual price of this battery. So if you change the price of the battery, the price in the bundle is also changed. That is the trick of it.

I see. It is useful for bundling a product with other variants.

Is there a way to create a collective product, i.e. a product that is made up of several other products, all at once? And its price to be the sum total of the products it is made of?
Thank you.

I dont understand

Product X is made up of product A, B, C, D (a bundle, or compound product, or a pack of products).
Price of product X = price A + price B + price C + price D.

If product X (actually „pack of products X”) is bought, the stock of A, B, C and D products decreases.


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