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Automate sending email returned product available

Started by marvays, February 21, 2022, 12:21:25 PM

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One client tells me that the condition of his products changes randomly and without his knowledge. That he turned off one product last week and saw it turned on today.

About 5 people work in his administration on his website. I think they can accidentally turn products on or off. But I want to check it out somehow. Is it possible to create a simple plugin that will send information to a specified email after a product availability change?

Or does it occur to someone who could cause some products to sometimes turn on and off?

Let me just say that they have about 3,500 products on offer. Of which 2900 are on. And very rarely it comes across someone who is poorly published.


Published products was in sitemaps and indexed.
If you make product off, then you generated 404, if you don't created redirect or if you don't use discontinued and solutions "Product is not for sale" - look at the or

The plugin existing for editing article - after edit - send email to admin.

For VirtueMart I don't think so, but you can create other type admin - one can change status of product, others not == only one user can edit status of products == then you don't need plugin  - new portal for Joomla!, Virtuemart and other extensions
XML Easy Feeder - feeds for FB, GMC,.. from products, categories, orders, users, articles, acymailing subscribers and database table
Virtuemart Email Manager - customs email templates
Import products for Virtuemart - from CSV and XML
Rich Snippets - Google Structured Data
VirtueMart Products Extended - Slider with products, show Others bought, Products by CF ID and others filtering products