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debug VM Search SQL query?

Started by EvanGR, December 22, 2021, 15:52:30 PM

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I want to print (vmdebug) the SQL query from the VM Search module.
It's probably in the model product.php somewhere, but I am having a hard time finding it. (the variable that holds the final complete query)
Can anyone help?


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products model -> function sortSearchListQuery()

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And there was a commented out vmdebug statement in there:
vmdebug ( ' joined ? ',$select, $joinedTables, $whereString, $groupBy, $orderBy, $this->filter_order_Dir );   

Which helped a lot.


And there is no simpler solution for solving this problem! I tried too with your steps and so far I have not succeeded ...

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daniellemiller What you tried and for what problem ???
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There is a simpler solution. The new version has a new debug option, which just enables the commented line. and that helps a lot ;-)
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