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Virtuemart product placed in multiple categories generates only one URL

Started by Zbira, May 21, 2021, 16:54:12 PM

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Having one Virtuemart product placed in multiple categories. But the URL is generated only from one category. How can i make the url appear differently in each category ?

Example: product
is created in Virtuemart product list.

Placed in multiple categories
Quotecomputers, home computers, office computers.

Then url of each product I suppose:


But this does not happen. The created url is only one for each category:


When browsing categories, the product is listed correctly in each category, but have only one url. For example I am in category

Quotehome computers
the product is listed in this category, ok. But when I click on product detail, it is always redirected to url

The correct should be

It is bad because it confuses a customer who is redirected to a product in different category.

Have you experiences why product placed in multiple categories does not generate separate url for each category and how to make this without interfering to core code ? Thank you in advance for your tips.


I don't know, I don't even want to guess what you're wrong (and you're wrong, because it works correctly on our e-shops), because you didn't provide the original live url so I could click through and do the analysis myself.

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When I try this the product URL displayed in the browser address bar shows the correct (new) category for each category, but the canonical URL remains the same as in the first category where the product was published in each case.
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