Backend page with orders breaks pagination and "Update status" button

Started by Ro Bert, June 11, 2020, 17:10:21 PM

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Ro Bert

In the backend on the page with orders (option=com_virtuemart&view=orders) there is the pagination below the overview to go to a next page. When I click on a number or arrow the page reloads the first page again. You can't go any of the other pages and have to use the search fields.
At the top left of the screen is a button to update the checked statuses. This button also reloads the page, but doesn't save the status.
I've installed all available updates (among which Joomla 3.9.15 to 3.9.19 and Virtuemart 3.5.10 to 3.8.2) and reinstalled the Joomla core.
I've also installed a copy of the shop on another place and the same problems remain.

The console in Firefox and Chrome says:
TypeError: t.fn.tooltip.Constructor is undefined
But I don't know if this could be the problem. It's not about tooltips, right?


I would guess a admin module, plugin or extension.

Jörgen @ Kreativ Fotografi
Joomla 3.9.18
Virtuemart 3.4.x
Olympiantheme Hera (customized)
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