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Product Sorting is not working

Started by, May 13, 2020, 19:00:04 PM

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1. Product sorting in category page is not working now. When we tries to sort by product name or SKU or whatever, no results came.

Scenario : Joomla SEO is On, - VM SEO disabled.

2. When VM Seo enabled - we are getting page not found in the server error .

Tried with changing the template to default, FYI.

Joomla : 3.9.14
Virtuemart : 3.6.10

GJC Web Design

re-enabled the VM SEO and it all works again

for some strange reason ( though have no idea why VM SEO was off) the non sef urls like


come back as


which when un SEF'd equal


then it does as asked .. looks for a search term orderby

Moral: leave settings alone in VM that you aren't sure what they do!

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Quote from: GJC Web Design on May 14, 2020, 14:29:41 PM

Moral: leave settings alone in VM that you aren't sure what they do!

So very true.
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