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Overrides to check

Started by T.A. Garrison, LLC, May 14, 2022, 18:10:36 PM

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T.A. Garrison, LLC

Today, after updating several VM packages, I now have VM v4.0.2 10661

As soon as the updates finished I returned to the J4 Home Dashboard and found "Override(s) to check! 55".
So I looked in all the templates (Cassiopeia default; my updated copy of Cassiopeia that I use for my site template; Home3; VMbeez3) and all of them indicated "Up to date".
But I inspected each template for "Updated Files", and all were "Checked" with no new files that showed as updated.

So there is nowhere I can find any files that need to be updated, but the system clearly indicates that 55 files need to be checked.
The only place I know to override that is in the database.
I had the same issue from the last VM updated and there was no way to get rid of the "Override(s) to check! 4" (at that time). So I went into the db and changed the 4 "states" that were "0" for VM files updated, to "1". That fixed things.

But now there are 55. I could change them all to 1 so that the "Override(s)" message would be satisfied, but that's not resolving the issue.

T.A. Garrison, LLC
3150 Orleans St. # 28261
Bellingham, WA 98228


I must admit, I really wonder about this "Files to check" function.

When I saw it the first time, I thougth "great idea, it shows which layout files changed, so I have to check them." But I fear such thing cannot work generically. I changed @link ${PHING.VM.MAINTAINERURL} against @link The phing stuff is anyway replaced by the same text, so it should be actually the same. But the joomla system sees a difference.
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