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Selling page access, like digital goods.. is there a way?

Started by rogerd, July 26, 2018, 19:04:03 PM

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I need to sell access to a page just like many plugins do for digital downloads with expiration, access x times, link sent after purchase, etc. I just need the url without a file.

Figured I'd ask before seeing if any of the digital download developers would customize their product for me.

I'm not even sure what this would be called for search "saleable page access"(?)

Thanks for any help,

Studio 42

What should these pages be?
This is not really same plugin, because you have to add /remove access right on this pages.
A digital download pluging return a file if ordered product or custom field in the cart fill the requirement.
If you need to give access to a group of pages, it's perhaps better to manage this with Joomla rights or groups or if you need to give access to a specific pages , this need then a system plugin(because it's always triggered) so you can use session value to check the order or customer ID when you access this pages and redirect when someone try to display this pages to prevent access for other users else any can access an article using direct link with index?option=com_content&article_id=XX

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Stu42 is right -- effectively they are buying access to a Joomla group

From memory there are some plugins to auto change groups ( maybe only VM Shopper groups) or u need a bespoke plugin that -

if customer has bought product id xx then make member of Joomla group yy

Do they expire?

Then u are more looking at a subscription component or having some sort of expiry written into the plugin
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