Problem with "Image" custom field and large number of images. Needs improvement.

Started by Wedal, March 06, 2018, 10:45:10 AM

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Good day!

There is some problem in Virtuemart, which appears only with a large number of images.
If we use custom field "image" and number of images > 1000,  then there are difficulties with filling the field in the product settings (see attachments).
In this case, the product editing page loads very slowly.

VM 3.2.12
line 701

A good solution would be the ability to select a folder for such images in the settings of the "Image" custom field. Also, the setting that would allow selecting only the images that are added for this product would be very helpful.

Studio 42

custom images should use same script as product images for eg.
In my case, i use other tools, so i dont have this problem, but on some customer website they have same problem.
All lists should be loaded by ajax using a search filter and return result after search only. Or do same as Joomla media and use a modal.