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VM Downloadable Goods component + plugin

Started by nordmograph, December 05, 2017, 17:57:26 PM

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Exciting news, we recently released a great Downloadable Goods component + plugin for Virtuemart

This component and VMCustom plugin will allow you to deliver for sale files as downloads for your Virtuemart customers. Here are the main features:

+ Multiple for sale files per product
+ Set the allowed order statuses for each file
+ Set the download expiry in days
+ Download buttons available in product details page, order details page, order email, invoice PDF
+ Component provides customers with a My Downloads page with active and expired downloads
+ Download logs in the component backend
+ Automatic login redirection if user is not logged in when clicking the download button from a confirmation email
+ Download logs also supported in VM synthetic dashboard

Probably the most complete 'Downloadable goods' solution out there for Virtuemart

Check the demo and screenshots at