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Language issues to be corrected in 3.2.4

Started by ClaudioRomeo, August 25, 2017, 10:58:58 AM

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Please, file these issues from the upgrade to 3.2.4:

  • In Configuration -> Configuration -> Shopfront -> Core Settings the constant COM_VIRTUEMART_PROVIDED_UNITS is showed instead the value (that doesn't exist)
  • In Configuration -> Configuration -> Shopfront -> Product Listing the option Display Subcategories in product detail doesn't show the tip, even if it does exit. It is due to the name of the constant COM_VM_PRODUCTDETAILS_DISPL_CATS_DESCR: it should be COM_VM_PRODUCTDETAILS_DISPL_CATS_TIP. I changed it so in the Italian language pack and it works perfectly.
I'm the author of the VirtueMart 3 Reference Guide


Verified the issue. The language packs need to be updated.


An update:
the Tools -> Tools & Migration -> DB Tools Update Joomla Database for pros, use only if you know what you do string seems to be a fixex text in its view instead of a constant.
So, it is impossible to edit a multilanguage version.
I'm the author of the VirtueMart 3 Reference Guide


This is as it should be? Instead of "select" displays a text field