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Remarkety changes for virtuemart

Started by roman5527, July 26, 2017, 16:05:44 PM

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Hi, i use Remarkety services.

I need some changes  :

1. Customer identify code
Once the customer has logged in, you can notify Remarkety using the following JavaScript snippet:
Replace the sample email address with the real email address of the logged in customer.

        var _rmData = _rmData || [];
        _rmData.push(["setCustomer", ""]);

2. Product View
To notify Remarkety about a customer who viewd a specific product you can use the following JavaScript snippet:
Replace the values of productId, productCategories, and productCategoriesIds with real values

        var _rmData = _rmData || [];
        _rmData.push(['productView', {
            productId: "XXXX",
            productCategories: ["Category1", "Category2"],
            productCategoriesIds: ["11101","11102"],

How do I do that?