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Hi everyone,
I have developed a shipment tracking plugin, it could let u enter shipment code for every order, and after u click update the order status to shipped, it will append the clickable track link to order history, it also appears on the order status change email customers received in order history area.

Plugin page:

It supports any service as long as u have the tracking url


Am very interested in this module. To confirm, I can link my courier company's tracking URL and client's can track their order? Do you have any further documentation please?  many thanks!!

sorry for late, it supports any tracking url

Just tried to download but the website is down...


--- Quote from: gannoniz86 on September 18, 2017, 14:29:15 pm ---Just tried to download but the website is down...

--- End quote ---
Hey the domain unfortunately lost due to host company bought by another company
we moved to
Thanks for ur interest


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