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Accept Bitcoin payments via CoinGate on VirtueMart [Free Module]

Started by CoinGate, November 16, 2016, 10:00:31 AM

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CoinGate ( enables businesses to accept Bitcoin payments easily and safely, using our free payment module for the VirtueMart eCommerce platform.

We charge only 1% from the amount transacted, and there are no monthly, registration or other fees.

You can receive payouts in EUR, USD or Bitcoin without additional charges.

If you choose to get paid in EUR or USD, you receive a fixed amount of money for your goods and services, yet you can still reap all the benefits of Bitcoin transactions.

Benefits of accepting Bitcoin:

No chargeback fraud risk. When accepting Bitcoin payments via CoinGate, transactions are irreversible. This allows you to safely accept payments even from so-called 'high risk' countries like Nigeria or Ukraine.
Increased privacy of your customers. When paying with Bitcoins, your customers do not need to disclose personal information, unless you request it. This protects the privacy of your customers and makes identity theft impossible, because you don't need to save and protect private information, such as credit card data, of your customers.
Additional client flow. - there are several billion people in the world without a bank account or a credit card, but many of those people have internet access, which is all that is needed to be able to use Bitcoin. For those people Bitcoin if the only payment method available to buy goods and services from international merchants online.

* Please note, that due to regulatory reasons, businesses located or registered in the United States of America can not use our services. *

Download VirtueMart plugin for versions 2 + 3:

How to install via Extension Manager:

QuoteDownload (URL above).

Login to your VirtueMart store admin panel, go to Extensions » Extension Manager » Install. In the Upload Package File part, choose you previously downloaded, then click Upload & Install.

Go to Extensions » Extension Manager » Manage. In search box type CoinGate and click Search. Either click on status indicator located in CoinGate extension row, or mark the checkbox of CoinGate extension row and click Enable at the top of admin panel.

Go to VirtueMart » Payment Methods » New. Type in the information, selecting VM Payment - CoinGate as Payment Method. Be sure to select Yes in the publish section. Click Save. Click Configuration. Fill in your API Credentials (App ID, Api Key, Api Secret) from CoinGate and choose CoinGate Environment depending on where you created your API credentials ( - Live and - Sandbox). If you wish to receive bitcoins, set the Receive Currency to Bitcoin. If you wish to receive Euros or U.S. Dollars, set the Receive Currency to EUR or USD. Please note that if you set the Receive Currency to EUR or USD, we will require you to verify your account (BTC does not require verification). Be sure to set order statuses correctly. Click Save & Close.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask here or contact us on our website: (we're likely to answer much quicker if you drop us an email).

Kind regards to the VirtueMart community from our team here at CoinGate.



We have implemented a feature that allows our merchants to set the expiration time for your invoices manually.

From now on, you can increase the invoice expiration time from 10 minutes (default) to a maximum of 2 hours.

If you've experienced that payments for your orders arrive late, or if you know that many of your customers use Web wallets or 3rd party services to make Bitcoin payments, then this feature is definitely for you.

Please bear in mind that this feature is only for merchants who have chosen to receive payouts in BTC. The parameters will be ignored if your "receive currency" is set to EUR or USD.

Also, by using this feature, you must realise and accept the risk involved. If your invoice time is set to, for example, 2 hours, and the Bitcoin price decreases significantly after an invoice has already been generated, we cannot accept the losses you may incur.

Check out our website for more information about our services.

Kind regards to the VirtueMart community from our team at CoinGate.