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CSVI - VirtueMart : Export Product Error



So when I try to export products via CSVI Free.

* Select export products
* Click Load
* Then press Process
Only thing is once I do that I get this error: There is a problem with the import file.

Can anyone help me fix this problem? It was working earlier today...


GJC Web Design:
csvi have a forum and extensive help pages

BTW..  "There is a problem with the import file."  If your actually Exporting why would it say this?  Sure your exporting?

Yes I do know that, there is an ans up there. Looked there the logs (even though it meants about importing a file, just to see if a file I uploaded previously was unsuccessful and I can't find the solution.

GJC Web Design:
This is a forum for Virtuemart...   we don't advise or support 3rd party extensions.. please use the csvi forum


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