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urgent ! homepage is error 500 due tot migration 1.1.9 to 2.0



I have a 1.5.20 Joomla! with VirtueMart 1.1.9 and i have update to Virtuemart 2.0.
I follow this tuto :

The update of the component is ok, and i find my products in the backoffice. BUT my homepage is white, error 500.  Why ?
I have disable the plugin that they talk at the step 9, but i doesn't work.
Do you know how can I resolve it please ?

Just I had this message when i've installed  the

VirtueMart2 modules moved to the joomla modules folder
VirtueMart2 language moved to the joomla language FE folder
VirtueMart2 language moved to the joomla language BE folder
Installing Virtuemart Plugins and modules Success.
You may directly uninstall this component. Your plugins will remain

Why ?

Thank you !!!

GJC Web Design:
1. why 2.0.2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  totally out of date version

if u don't want to go to VM3 then u must use VM2.6.20

white screen is a 500 server error and must be logged somewhere

if u can't find ask your host -- could be anything .. esp with this totally out of date install

(I assume you have updated first to Joomla 2.5????)

btw .. tut from 2013!


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