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Cart attributes disappear when final price is disabled

Started by ex3mist, June 20, 2015, 12:21:42 PM

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I have some issue with the prices display - for a specific shopper group (Companies) I have to show only prices without tax + the tax additionally. But when I disable the Final price display in the settings of this group, the whole box with the product attributes, along with the Add To Cart button disappear. The tax is not shown either.

You can see the screenshots with exaples with Final price enabled (img 1), disabled (img 2) and the settings of the shopper groups prices display (img 3).

A possible solution comes to my mind - if it is possible to assign a class or ID to some of the divs that include the prices, but this class or ID to be related to the shopper group, then a custom styling to the price display for each shopper group would be possible, any price could be shown, hidden, etc. according to the group the user is in only by CSS. Maybe this is not the most elegant solution, but I think is a good one. I just don't know how to do the coding. If someone could help me insert such class or ID, it would be great and it would solve my issue.

Some help with this would be highly appreciated. Thanks!