Author Topic: VM2 "Downloads for Sale" Plugin for downloadable products  (Read 11323 times)


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Re: VM2 "Downloads for Sale" Plugin for downloadable products
« Reply #15 on: May 14, 2015, 15:11:19 pm »
Dear Thanjeys,
Sorry for the late reply, but we are no longer using this thread here as a support forum, but rather have our own, dedicated support forum for the plugin:

Can you describe in more detail what is not working with paid downloads?
- Are they not appearing at all? => You probably have not set up the order states correctly?
- Are they appearing, but clicking the downloads give an error?  => Something is probably wrong with the media files...
- Is the custom field not appearing at all in the product details page in the VM administration area? => Might either be a problem with the custom field set up or the plugin itself.

Best regards,