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filter orders backend by category
« on: April 12, 2015, 22:41:00 pm »

i have a bakerywebshop for a carefacillity with mental peopl
the clients can order from friday til mondaymorning theyre bread for the whole week.
so i did made 5 catagories monday til friday.
i made all products unique: category monday breadmonday danishmonday etc.
category thuesday breadthuesday danishthuesday etc.

so now i want to print a delivery slip per person per day.(category)

how Do i do that?
i was thinking to filter orders by category at the backend (or manufacteror)
so i have a list for monday til friday.

but i cant find a plugin or hack that let me do that
if someone knows pls i would love to hear..

gr edensan
gr edensan