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Customer does not get forwarded to Paypal after confirm

Started by Peter Pillen, October 31, 2014, 13:22:00 PM

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Peter Pillen

* VM 2.6.12 (updated 3 days ago from 2.6.10)
* Live site and Paypal is currently deactivated ... several customers trying to order atm

After pressing confirm with Paypal selected as payment, the cart is not emptied, but thank you message is showing as if payment is succesfull. The customer is not forwarded to Paypal.

Already re-installed 2.6.12 two times, updated aio and updated the vm tables... the problem persists. With debug activated all looks normal in the paypal logs, but on the thank you page, I can see two debug warnings, but when checking the database tables the order id is present in that table.

vmdebug Attention, #__virtuemart_shipment_plg_weight_countries has not any entry for order_id = xxxx
vmdebug Attention, #__virtuemart_payment_plg_paypal has not any entry for order_id = xxxx

Al other payments work perfectly without any problems, just Paypal is "kaput". I have no clue where to look


Have the same issue myself.
Last week it all worked.

Updated VM this week to the latest version, that went all wrong (menues went missing in the backend), reinstalled VM over the old and did the AIO.
Now people who want to pay by paypal are not forwarded anymore. Settings have not been changed, although I did notice that Joomla/VM could not write to a safepath. Fixed that. all on 777 with right ownership.

Other payment (iDeal) does work correctly though!

Peter Pillen

Dito with the safe path... but in your case...change it to 755. 777 is a disaster waiting to happen if I'm not mistaken.

Does anyone have a clue for this PayPal problem?

Peter Pillen

John ... that is truly no solution to this problem.

I have tested this with the standard template and it doesn't work neither.

Peter Pillen

I read your post as "don't try to fix it... it will resolve itself depending on the device your using". Maybe someone of the mods can move this to the bug section?

I now disabled Paypal as an automated payment and I send customer a payment invitation from the paypal platform. I'm not to keen to take risks with downgrading because this is a live site.


Actually I've the same problem (it ouccurs after the last upgrade to version 2.6.12).
Customer is not redirected to Paypal site and no button is now present (I mean the button that says "please wait while redirecting... etc. or push this button).
This button is displayed if I use the plugin in debug mode.
Any suggestions? Should I downgrade the site o the last working version?


Peter Pillen

Alatak will contact me tomorrow to find a solution. I will post as soon as I know. I think this is a bug related to the upgrade to 2.6.12.

Just one question ... did you also have the warning come up that the safe path for the vm files was not correct? I hadn't seen that warning since more than one year and after the update I had to set the permissions and root directory right again for the vm files folders. Then re-installing VM created a folder called "keys" in the vmfiles folder.

Maybe the paypal payments are also logged in a folder that isn't accessible anymore which disturbs the payment process?


No Peter, I've set the safe path just once, when installed virtuemart on the server. And I don't have any folder called "keys" in my files.
I've compared the previous and the present folders/files (plugins/vmpayment/paypal/) and noticed some notable difference between files. I think it's normal to have differences since a programmer tries to improve a system... Nevertheless I've overwritten the old paypal plugin to that recently updated (and it works good) least as far as a solution won't be find...


I've found that different behaviour (at leas for us) is caused from this file: /plugins/vmpayment/paypal/paypal/helpers/paypalstd.php on the lines 177-191.
There aren't errors in php syntaxis but a slight variant:



Peter Pillen

tested that by leavin out the "true", but it doesn't change anything for me.


To change just that line doesn't work, of course. I had just highlithed a changelog. If you overwrite the new with your old paypalstd.php file, probably it works.
In any case this is only a short-term solution, since the problem must be resolved.



the 'true' is there to make it js safe, in case there is some '(quotes) in the string VMPAYMENT_PAYPAL_REDIRECT_MESSAGE

Can i have a URL of a (test) website where you have that problem? I will check.
In all cases, i have Peter Pillen on Skype, and i will check tuesday what is the problem.


Dear alatak,

I've recreated this typical situation for you.
1) Go here:
2) Add a book to the chart;
3) Go to the chart and login with these credentials: test (user) and test (pwd);
4) Complete the purchase (go on "Avanti");
5) Select the shipping method (Standard);
6) Select the payment method (Paypal);
7) Confrim the order.

As you can see you go on the ending page ("Grazie per la preferenza..." - "Thank you for having...") where usually is performed an automatic redirection towards paypal. But now (after updating) nothing happens.

Please, let me know if you need more and if you track down the issue.

Thanks a lot!



Peter Pillen problem is solved :)
In his case it was because the template compresses the js file.
And the old version of the js file was then used, instead of the new one.
We added a version number to load the query files now, to force the browser to load the latest version:

but in this case the template is loading the old compressed version


Have you found a solution for me too?
I see you had a look to my site. Should I simply overwrite the present file with the previous working file?