Author Topic: 2.9.9c Updated Coupons - Default (Issues in regards to shopping cart )  (Read 1305 times)


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When I am in the shopping cart the coupon works as a discount and you can see it changes the price of the product and cart.

* When I confirm the purchase the - message says that coupon does not exist  and will not follow through to allow a purchase.

I set 3 coupons to test .. ( all different types)

Testing on Breez - default template -

"message --Invalid data entered"  - I know this is correct as the coupon shows and  the total changes correctly.

Also - I think it needs a button to say clear coupon.. ( maybe I change my mind and I have run out of coupons or already used one).. I see that mine accepted but would not proceed but I could not clear it from the cart.

If you have the same issue please confirm to let me know .. or test the types of coupons.. maybe mine is wrong?

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