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decimals and chilean peso

Started by fanny0, June 30, 2014, 23:54:15 PM

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I have configured the Chilean currency to display no decimal No, I still appear 2 decimal

Also I read that to be the correct view Chilean pesos should be well


and for the appearance of the spot at the 3 position was placing

Decimal : 3
Thousands separator : 3

but the price is dropped and a price that appears to do nothing


For no decimals you must enter the number 0 in the Decimals field.

The Thousands Separator is not a number (you have put 3). You can leave that blank or enter a comma (,) if that is normal for your currency.

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Nothing happens if I put 0, still the same error

I had done, and went and so do

Also what interests me is not the point or the point, if you look in the right way


sing$. Two numbers, dot,  3 numbers


This solution is not how I make my money remains correctly?

not appear decimals and you can place it so

$ 100.000

not served the way they gave me nothing happens


As suggested below this works.

You must save and then Wait -  It gives no decimal.

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For days I have well and nothing happens, decimals are still there

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but in John's screenshot he shows the fields blank.. your's are filled - did u try as john suggested?
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Thanks GJC,

Yes I got rid of the decimals however what I did ended up multiplying the number by 100.

Say my product is originally $100.00. In Australian money. My setting removes the decimal and the product ends up being $10000

In my currency that is not good. So I was successful but really I made a mistake. Unless the original item could be set at $0.10 and then use my setting. Ha .. Maybe not what is desired.


and also tried it on white

and does not work ...

albeit modifying files need run out of decimal


Very simpel,...

Go to your shop config, check your rounding settings and set them to -1 !

then it takes the rounding defined at the currency, else it takes the global setting. The reason is that we added it later and had to find a way to make the legacy stuff still correctly working.
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sorry I did not quite understand, my English is bad

But what was this?

I already did and nothing happened

if not please explain step by step



Solution does not it?, I really have done on other sites by configuring several times, but in this case not


What can be happening? really no solution?



Ok I had another go and found like Milbo said.
I went to the currency and the final price in shop configuration.

With a little play between the two settings.
I set the currency to -1 decimal setting and then in the configuration cart final price I set it to -1.

It did round the final price a little but , but it did get rid of the decimal point.

It rounded say $69.99 to $70 but the decimal disappeared.  It appeared to work ok. You need to play with these settings to
See the decimal point. Disappear and then look at how much it rounds for you. Then set a price.