Author Topic: [SOLVED] Upgraded to 2.6. Now VM new user registration doesn't work.  (Read 1424 times)


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We have Joomla 2.5.20. I upgraded VM 2.0.26d to 2.6. Now when I try to use VM to create a new shopper and joomla user, it doesn't work. The form comes up fine. It submits fine. No errors are reported. But instead of a new user confirmation screen with the user already logged in from the registration, I get a simple login page telling me "Please login first". Attached.

If I attempt to login, the user is not recognized and will not log in. When I check in joomla, the new user is not there.

However, if I use joomla native registration to create the same user, all goes as it should, and a new user is created that can log in just fine. This means joomla can create users, but my VM 2.6 cannot create shoppers. Existing shoppers/joomla users can log in with no problem.

Remedy attempts so far:
1. Reinstalled VM and AIO; updated tables in both. No good. but I did get new double items in the new VM menu 2.6 put into my joomla menu bar. Double no good.
2. Used PHPmyAdmin to repair tables. No good
3. Used VM tools to renew VirtueMart Configuration by file, and re-entered configuration. No good.
4. Cursed at the site and threatened it with bodily harm. No good.

Please help. I left the non-fnunctioning store up an running if you want to try yourself at Just try to create a new user from the login box, and OPC will give you the VM user registration page (I already tried disabling OPC - no good.)

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Re: Upgraded to 2.6. Now VM new user registration doesn't work.
« Reply #1 on: May 08, 2014, 09:58:54 am »
My first thought would be the Rupostal OPC... it is a huge component that is constantly updated - it is a whole reg/checkout system on it's own .
So have you the latest?

You say that Joomla reg works fine but to test I would like to see the standard VM templates, no OPC AND SEF switched off  - to prove whether a vanilla VM is working - there have been no reports I know of of 2.6 having reg problems
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Re: Upgraded to 2.6. Now VM new user registration doesn't work.
« Reply #2 on: May 15, 2014, 23:47:45 pm »
It turns out it was JoomlaLMS getting in the way. JoomlaLMS was trying to synchronize new registrations with SMF forums, which are not even installed on my site, and were purposely disabled in JoomlaLMS. JoomlaLMS wanted to synchronize anyway - which obviously won't work.

We have already been a longtime customer of Rupostel. Stan was the hero that figured out the problem, and he gets all the credit (an an appropriate donation). Joomla LMS support would have left my site crashed for weeks. God bless Rupostel and Stan.