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Started by kdmonk, April 04, 2014, 05:32:35 AM

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I have installed Joomla 2.5.10 with Virtuemart 2.0.26d with a ssl from Godaddy. Everything seems to work until when I check out. I noticed that after checkout still had the same items in it. Has anyone ran into this problem before. I also forgot to mention that I have debug on as well if that makes a difference.


Here is a response from the team that I bought the template from.

Run another test, but this time pay attention the domain name and protocols.

If you add product to cart through HTTP:// and complete checkout through HTTPS://
Then the product will be cleared on www-domain name only, the non-www might still have the product in the cart as if you didn't go though checkout. Because the adding product to cart is handled by session in the frontend, and those sessions are stores with domain names ( works as if it is subdomain of yourdomain.con so they are different domains), if the domain name is changed at some point, it might messed up the session. Normally session for added products in the frontend is cleared when:

- particular time relapsed. (session timeout in Frontend)
- logout (if you were logged in)
- completing checkout

I am sure your problem has something yo do with either because you redirected from http:// to https:// or from non-www to www at some point.

But no matter what causes that, that issue can't be related to our VM template,  ecause "session" is a very sensitive event and is handled by Administrator core files and mostly by joomla core (not even by Virtuemart Component), as you might also know, templates are ineffective in backend (administrator) and those kind of sensitive events. Templates are for visual layouts only.

Check for further information, i am 100% sure this has been discussed in there already. 



I am lost on why my cart is not clearing after a purchase.  After much search it looks like a lot of users that had this problem updated their Cirtuemart aio file and their issue was resolved. I have also did the same thing and I can not figure out why this is happen. Any help or advice would be great.

Maxim Pishnyak

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If your cart is not clearing, it might be a cache issue. Make shure, you don't cache your cart. If you use Joomla cache, use conservative cache only. Also check, if your template uses a cache feature. In case it is SSL related, you might ask GoDaddy if their SSL works with VirtueMart. They ususally use their own non-standard SSL solution:
Non-English Shops: Are your language files up to date?


I cannot figure out why my cart will is holding content that was already checked out. Are there any consultants out there that can help me? If you ping me I will send you access.


I added some debug to the method below and I notice that it is not getting called:

   public function removeCartFromSession() {
      $session = JFactory::getSession();
      $session->set('vmcart', 0, 'vm');
      echo "<script type='text/javascript'>alert('$session');</script>";

Any thoughts?


I am having some really big issues with this. I applied a debug statement inside this method "removeCartFromSession " and I notice that it is not even called. Can you show me what you did to see the difference in the domain name? I even reverted back to Virtuemart 2.0.26a and it is still not working. Any thoughts?


Hi Support, I just got off the phone with PayPal and it was my luck I spoke to a rep that was knowledgeable about Virtuemart. He stated that all the issues I was having was due to my PayPal account. It was set up incorrectly on their end, so he put a ticket into their support team to fix it. I got an email the very next day stating that it was fixed, so I put in my username, password, and signature from and it works! The cart now clears out so I am happy. Thanks for your advice and support on this, I have a feeling this will become helpful to the next person.