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Currency Automatic Switcher v1.3 released!

Started by mySITE4u, September 06, 2013, 09:18:11 AM

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Hello everybody!

Currency Automatic Switcher  v1.3 released!

Let's suppose you live in German, all visitors from German can see prices for your products in EUR. It's good for visitors from France, Austria, Spain, Italy as well. But what about UK, Switzerland, Denmark and many other countries. which still use their local currencies? I guess it would be good if these visitors can see prices in their currencies. UK - £, Swiss - CHF, Denamark - DKK, USA - $.
It's quite easy to implement the feature by using this plugin as this plugin do this job on-the-fly when a visitor comes to your site.

Plugin download link
Developer's link

Best wishes!


I want to buy, but Paypal option is not include.
Ayudo en todo lo que puedo, con tutoriales, traducciones, y alguna que otra extension, como modulos y plugins.