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How to print on screen cart total value.

Started by Stiffler, March 23, 2014, 23:49:34 PM

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Im newbie in php, js, virtuemart but im still learn every day (since last weeks even too much).

I need simple plugin too write. If cart value will be 1000 dollars it has to do discount -50%. Nothing else.
But i stuck, coz i don't know how to get notice about cart total value.

I know that supose to be easy, but as I said Im newbie but im going to learn.

Or tell me how to start to get as simply things like obtain information about current session.

ps. Ive tried to modify one script which i found on google. I tried to get products amount in current cart.
Ive figured out that this information will be in $calculationHelper->_amount. I'd like to print this in module but im too stupid or too unlucky.
Its a code: ($this->dupa);

Sorry for my english, unfortunetly im not native speaker of english.



I would prefer do to it by myself.
I'd like to learn virtuemart (and joomla api) anyway,I think that script like that, it's perfect to start work with any APIs (coz its my first one).


anyway I have this plugin, as I said Ive found it on google. Exactly the same! I didn't know that is not free it was on somebody's ftp site
Its not based on cart value. Only on cart quanity.

K&K media production

Buy this one and it works with cart amount. My clint use it.