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Remove category from breadcrumbs


Hi,I have small shop, single product category and the shop front page is the Category view page.VM is linked through a main menu item link ('Online shop') via the category.When I visit the shop front page the breadcrumb shows: Home>Online Shop>Category.
In this case the breadcrumb is duplicating the path to the online shop  front page as the 'Online shop' and 'Category' in the breadcrumb are both the front page of the shop or the category view.
I would like to remove the category from the breadcrumb and leave only the VM menu item title: Home>Online shop.The category title in the breadcrumb is redundant and unnecessary in the crumbs path. Will appreciate any advice how to omit the category title in the breadcrumbs.

Hello anyone, please can you drop few comments on whether it's possible to drop the "Category Name" from breadcrumb below:

Home>Shop>Category Name

The Category Name is the shop view page and it's name: "Shop" is already identified from the VM menu link item and thus category name is not needed and it's a duplicate piece in the breadcrumb.
Thank you in advance!


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