[SOLVED] Upgrade from 2.022a to 2.0.22c - products&category pages not displayed

Started by en jie rudd, September 10, 2013, 16:49:40 PM

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en jie rudd

I am using latest Joomla  version, 2.5.14 and updated from 2.022a to 2.0.22c.

Most of the Virtuemart front end does not now appear to work ( i.e category and product pages do not show, but shop home page -  index.php?option=com_virtuemart does work OK.).

Back-end is OK - all categories and products show in  the administrator

I did the update on a development site ( upgrading from VM1.0 to VM2.0) - so can wait a few days for an answer.

I have a backup - but will loose days of development work if I have to revert to  this. (Further - I had a backup site of this development, thought I had trialled successfully, but must not cleared cache or something, because after the problem manifest on the development site - rechecked and the backup was now annoyingly manifesting the same issues.

I have read related posts - but whilst others have had issues with this upgrade, none shared the same symptoms.

I have also tried reinstalling the 2.0.22c and this did not change anything.

Would very much appreciate some assistance with resolving this if possible? I can provide details of the site and access as required?


If you are using a template with Gantry a fix was posted on the RT forum: http://www.rockettheme.com/forum/index.php?f=394&t=206399&sid=5fa8b0a58153f0dac12ec202f7b120c4&rb_v=viewtopic&start=15#p1013202

This may apply to other templates, too. Set Default template and the Category Template to "Use joomla default" in Config/Templates.

To cope with the way that some commercial templates try to control layout a generic fix for this is now in VM2.0.22d
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en jie rudd


I just upgraded to Virtuemart 2.0.22c in Joomla 2.5.9 and now some pages on my website lost the template in the background and are just white.
Example: http://www.gentlet.com/index.php/camisoles.html

I am also having a problem where the shipping that customers are being charged is only offering 2 options $30 and $60, this is wrong.  I have specific shipping settings set by zip, weight, country and they are not coming up.  They were working fine until today or yesterday when we realized that these are the only options customers are seeing now.  Nothing has been changed in the past few days on the site, so I can't figure out what happened.

Please help asap with both of these problems!!! In need of fixing both of these within the next 3-4 hours max.

Thank you so much!!

Maxim Pishnyak

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