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No email for new user registration

Started by averosi, September 08, 2013, 12:52:35 PM

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Please can any body help me..
I don't receive emails for new user registration, i only receive order emails, not an email with user details like it was before...

Joomla v. 2.5.11
php v. 5.3.25

Maxim Pishnyak

Do you have in your user details 'Receive System emails' turned to 'Yes'? Check Joomla User Manager.
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same problem.

I don't get any email, order registration and so on .

Is there any debug feature with which is possible to check which email is being send and to which address?

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If you are superadmin vendor and have selected to receive system emails in Joomla's user manager then you should get all mails. Check Joomla's Mail Settings, some servers do not allow PHP mailers so try SMTP.

If it is the order mail only that is not received check Default Order Status settings to send mail in VM Configuration/Checkout (in VM 2.0.22d) and setting for Use the vendor email address in Config/Shop

If J/VMconfiguration is correct then unable to send mail is almost always a server issue.
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