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How to configurate shipment depend on manufacturer ?

Started by TAIWAR, September 05, 2013, 00:12:43 AM

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vm 2 022a
If product from a manufacturer A is selected, the shipment will be on ask. We have to add on backend the price on shipment.

In fact is possible to add on shipment configuration or is there any plugin that can show a message like " The shipment is on ask, your order is registred but the price of shipment could change, you will receive asap an answer" and activated a new paiement defaut " payment depend on shipment" ??

Maxim Pishnyak

You could check manufacturers of ordered product in cart.

If you will have A then you need to choose special shipment/payment.

What difficulties do you have at these stages?
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The problem is that I ve create a taxe rules where I ve chosen manufacturer A with price 0
On detail shipment  I selected this taxe rules.
And when I mad test with a product from manufacturer A, on the step of shipment I don't have by defaut the shipment that I ve already created.


I use the component shipping pro from joomdonation and it solve my problem. I can select manufacturer and price for shipment !