[SOLVED] Since 2.0.22 upgraded - have the template problems

Started by GBARRY, September 03, 2013, 20:44:07 PM

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Since 2.0.22 upgraded - have the template problems, the main site seems ok, only one product contains no price... Checked the multi-language / local-language settings and seems OK.   
Clicking any product destroys the LEFT menu pre-set parameters in the template.

History - 2.0.22 - OK   2.022a - OK  2.0.22b - :( 2.0.22c - :(

2.0.22c solved not the problem. Any idea for the next?


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Thank you for showing the way. If the problem would be so easy to solve...  Not only the language settings but the TEMPLATE SCRIPTS, and the ONE PAGE CHECKOUT caused the problem.

Language setting -OK 15 mins
Template settings, mods - OK 3 Hours

OPC is solved by Stan from RUPOSTEL (very nice guy, and now is ready for 2.0.22c)

Now all is OK, and working fine. Thank you for the HELP