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Shipping tax not calculate with different taxes

Started by steigerhout, June 24, 2013, 21:18:26 PM

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Hi all, I solved this using this extension (it's free):

So my initial thought was good, you create a category for low and high vat and assign your products to this.

Then you use Advanced Shipping By Rules to create new rules, for example 'brievenbuspakje':
You can set the weight and other variables and then set the shippingcost with tax to 4.36 if it the order does not contain any product from the 21% category.
Category id 13 is 21% VAT, category 12 is 9% VAT

Example of code:
350<Weight<2001; Condition=contains_none(Categories, 13); ShippingWithTax=4.36

Next you create a shipping rule for mixed orders, code:
350<Weight<2001; Condition=contains_all(Categories, 12, 13); ShippingWithTax=4.84

and then finally you create a shipping rule for only 21% vat orders:
350<Weight<2001; Condition=contains_none(Categories, 12); ShippingWithTax=4.84

As you'll have a product on more than one category, don't use the contains_only option, because you will have to update the shipping method every time you add a new category.

It's a lot of work, but it is a well working workaround!
Hope you can make it work!!