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Problem with your shop views/layout? READ this before posting


We get hundreds/thousands of post relating to page design and odd page wrapping etc.

If you know a bit about HTML and CSS and want to help forum members respond or, if you're just plain inquisitive.

Take some simple steps (you may even solve it yourself!)

Revised Nov 2017 due to enhanced browser tools capabilities

1) Install firefox or Chrome
2) Use the browser's inbuilt developer tool to look at the html code and the CSS (ctrl+shift+i)
3) You can try out adjustments to the CSS in these tools (and HTML) without messing with you site.

4) Use it to see any javascript errors by looking at the console tab
5) And you don't have to restrict yourself to just your own project, see how others do things and it may give you ideas for your own project

There you have it - if I had a $ for every problem I solved using these ....  you would not be reading a post on here from me  ;D

And here is one I made earlier for the clueless  For some reason people don't look at FAQs.

And I should add that we cannot provide bespoke programming for layout issues, most of which are css issues anyway.


Maybe they will read this one as it is in the non FAQ section!

Firebug development has now been discontinued and the utilities now built into Firefox DevTools.  Changes are described here:

F12 on most browsers selects the developer tools.


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