Author Topic: Not redirected to payment when i use a coupon  (Read 1890 times)


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Not redirected to payment when i use a coupon
« on: June 06, 2013, 11:58:05 am »
Hi, I'm new to Virtuemart. I have a client's site build on Joomla 1.5.25 Stable and have Virtuemart 1.1.8 integrated.

There's an issue with the coupon functionality. When any people try to subscribe to the site they are redirected for payment after selecting their package and entering their details. And that works correctly.

Now suppose a coupon of 30% for a $100 package is given to the client:
  • The user selects the package
  • Enters the coupon code and click on update, the price is updated correctly which is $70
  • Then the user click on "Next" and enter his/her details
  • Now as soon as the client clicks on submit, his/her account is instantly created without the need of paying the $70 and giving them full access to the site's member area

I've scroll the net and google a lot about this issue, but to no avail till now. Please help me out anyone, am with this issue since 2 days.

Thanks a lot for the help.