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Joomla Virtuemart Firstdata GGe4
« on: May 18, 2013, 00:40:03 am »
The First Data Global Gateway e4 Payment can be integrated with the Joomla Virtuemart to process your card payments from the merchant site which means, customers stay on your site and enter Credit Card details. When the data is submitted, the Payment plugin connects with Firstdata to initiate the Money Transfer using the card details of the customer and the merchant account details that you have set up in the configuration panel. The plugin collects the credit card details, validates and passes the data to Firstdata in a secured way.


Accepts credit card payments and process through First Data Global Gateway e4 Payment.         
Merchant can authorize only or authorize and capture the payment.
The module does not store card information anywhere to pass PCI Compliance issues.
For more details, Please click here