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Wholesale Pricing Setup

Started by ptogel, November 28, 2012, 15:30:56 PM

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I have a Reseller Group and a Calculation Rule that should discount the products for them by 40%.

While the rule works on the base price, the discount is not applied on the custom fields.

Example: I have a Small Candle for $6.25 base price. The reseller should get the candle for $3.75.

The custom fields allows the all regular customers to get a medium Candle for $6.25 more resulting in a $12.50.
The resale price should be $7.50, but the calculation just takes the 40% off the base price resulting in $10.00 for resellers.

How can I change the rule so it takes it off the calculated price and not just the base price?

Is my only option to do DBTaxBill?


Using VM2.0.14

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We have the same problem. Did you find a solution yet?