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Need Product Availability in multiple language

Started by encreplus, April 12, 2013, 23:18:26 PM

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In the product status page i need the content of the field  Availability  to be multiple language ...

I have try with this code :  COM_VIRTUEMART_AVAILABILITY_TEXT ... but the result on the front end is COM_VIRTUEMART_AVAILABILITY_TEXT ...

How can i fix this ??


K&K media production

Is fixed for the next version.

You can make a template override for product details page and change line 222 to this:

<?php echo (file_exists(JPATH_BASE DS VmConfig::get('assets_general_path') . 'images/availability/' $this->product->product_availability)) ? JHTML::image(JURI::root() . VmConfig::get('assets_general_path') . 'images/availability/' $this->product->product_availability$this->product->product_availability, array('class' => 'availability')) : JText::_($this->product->product_availability); ?>