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Question about translation

Started by naoko15, March 07, 2013, 16:01:53 PM

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Hello, i'd like to know where can i find the file to translate the word "search" in the breadcrumbs in the cart. I've attached a capture so it is clearer.

J2.5 & VM 2.012f



Since the "Search" shows up in the navigation breadcrumbs, it looks like you have a menu item labled "Search". Did you label your homepage "Search" in the breadcrumb module?

BTW - You should update (backup first) your VirtueMart version. 2.0.12f is pretty old meanwhile. The longer you wait the more possible problems you might encounter when updating to the lastest 2.0.18c version
Non-English Shops: Are your language files up to date?


Thanks for you reply, jjk. You're right, it is a menu item i have hidden.

Concerning the upgrade, i've got tons of modifications and template overrides. I haven't upgraded yet because i'm afraid i'll lose them. Would this happen?