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Confused with categories and subcategories

Started by _margie_, February 22, 2013, 14:52:49 PM

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I have a category called fruit and a subcategory called pears
In the category fruit I have a banana and an apple and in the subcategory pears I have a pear
when the subcategory pears is unpublished and I show all the products on my site I can still see the pear which is in subcategory pears
but when I go to the category fruit, the subcategory pears is not shown

How is this possible ?
Can anyone help me ?

I use 2.0.18a VM and 2.5 Joomla!



If you show all products by using category_id=0 in the URL the the categories are ignored (makes no difference whether published or not), and all published products are shown.
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