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No Price or Add to Cart Button After Update

Started by webzight, February 21, 2013, 01:57:08 AM

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This is what I'm talking about when not wanting to upgrade :-\

Updated to the latest version of VM2 and now it acts like it's locked in semi-catalogue mode, not showing prices or the Add to Cart button :(

Checked configuration and everything is it should be, "show prices", CHECKED and "catalogue mode", UNCHECKED!

This is getting so very tedious and tiresome :o

Latest version of Joomla!, latest version of VM2!

May the Cloud be with you :)


Lowestoft, Suffolk, UK

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Thanks for the kind reply Kelvyn :)

NONE of my products are EVER assigned to ANY Shopper Group and are NOT assigned to any Shopper Group right now :(

This problem is only one of the many I incurred after updating.

All of my MENU links to ALL the product categories were DESTROYED completely.

I had to go and rebuild them ALL!

Woe is me :(

Latest version of Joomla!, latest version on VM2!
May the Cloud be with you :)