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Shopper group prices

Started by behemoth, February 15, 2013, 19:10:03 PM

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I want the anonymous shopper group to be the default group. Is this possible? I'm using CSVI to import my products and the prices aren't showing to guests (which our customers will all be).


No responses?

Ok, I know you're all busy and have lives, that's fine. If I'm being ignored because I didn't adequately RTFM, please let me know.

I wanted to add a little more information:

I'm using CSVi to upload all my products, but the product price isn't showing to guests. I've discovered I can manually update them using the shopper group dropdown within the 'product pricing' part of the product details (not the product information > shopper group field). If I set this to anonymous it works as I want it to. Is there some way I can default ALL products to this? I've posted on the CSVi forum to see if there's a field I've overlooked, but I've not had any response there yet (I know, I know, people are busy and I'm asking for help for free. I can be patient. :) )


If you want the prices to be seen by everyone then no shopper group should be selected for price display (which is the default). You can set this for all current products using sql  -

The CSVI import field for this is shopper_group_name_price - set this to default to NULL or 0
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That sounds promising, thanks Jenkinhill. I'll go away and have a tinker.



That looks like exactly what I wanted, thank you.

I had trouble because I couldn't find the field. I thought I'd upgraded my CSVi, but I discovered that was another, separate install.


Just a quick addition here: after some other fiddling with the site and with CSVi, I've come back to this and discovered (thanks to Rolandd at CSVi that I should have been using "*" to apply to all shopper groups.