Error: Exception in loadConfig for unserialize hidemainmenu b:0;

Started by Milbo, February 13, 2013, 15:18:44 PM

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It may happen, when you update from 2.0.14 or lower to 2.0.16 or higher. The reason is just an invalid stored config option. For most people the normal updater is correcting this issue. One theory is that the people do not use their super user account to update the store.

Most time it is enough todo
enter your virtuemart config and just save it one time, or
use "Renew VirtueMart configuration by file" in VM db tools , or
use "Install tables or if necessary update them", or you are damned to read the rest.

The config values are taken from virtuemart.cfg, if it is not there, then it will be created as copy of virtuemart_defaults.cfg-dist. This values are then stored in the #__virtuemart_configs. The entry looks like


Every | means a new entry, so one entry is
currency_converter_modules is the name and s:14:"convertECB.php"; is the json encoded value.

So if you have the error
"Exception in loadConfig for unserialize hidemainmenu b:0;"
It means that the value for hidemainmenu is broken. Just delete the entry with hidemainmenu, so search for something like
|hidemainmenu=b:0;   delete it, store the entry and it should be gone. A lot easier is just to delete the virtuemart.cfg and the whole config entry of the table. Then reconfigure it. Maybe the error comes, when people update virtuemart as administrator and not as super user or so.
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Quote"Exception in loadConfig for unserialize hidemainmenu b:0;"
I had the same Message today. In my case, the reason was an Extension from JoomlaShine: JSN PowerAdmin.
Solution that worked for me: Deinstall JSN PowerAdmin. Clear Cache. Erase Sessions in Database. Logout and login again. Go to Virtuemart Config. Save once. Everything is fine now :)
Michael Schulze