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Bug in Migration to 2.016d - Users missing

Started by xpozay, January 17, 2013, 17:14:58 PM

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I have discovered a bug, I think, in the code which migrates the users. 

- User ID 12345 created in Joomla and orders products
- User ID is removed from Joomla but purchasing records including vm_userinfo is maintained in VM
- migrator picks up the userinfo but does not find the record in joomla users table so creates an error message:
QuotevmError: Table userinfos check failed: Unknown address_type
vmError: Migration storeAddress BT

I turned on the debugger and can see that the user id 12345 is processed but because there is no record in the joomla users table, a record is not created in virtuemart_userinfo nor virtuemart_vmusers

I commented out
else {
vmError('Table userinfos check failed: Unknown address_type '.$this->address_type,'check failed: Unknown address_type ');
vmdebug('Table userinfos check failed: Unknown address_type '.$this->address_type.' virtuemart_user_id '.$this->virtuemart_user_id.' name '.$this->name);
return false;
line 132 of administrator/components/virtuemart/tables/userinfo.php. 
But this created a record for all joomla users in virtuemart_userinfo

1) What patch / hack can I apply to ensure all my records are moved across to virtuemart_userinfo