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Back Office Product List Page Question

Started by ElectricSteve, December 31, 2012, 12:27:57 PM

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I'm putting together a website using Joomla 2.5.8 and Virtuemart 2.0.16 at (which is a development area).

Starting to load up products and have run into a problem with the Product List page in the Virtuemart back office.

When I log in and open this page I can see 15 of the current 25 products. The Display #products per page drop down is locked on 1. If I sort any of the columns it shows just one product per page. I cannot seem to get out of this - it changes to 15 per page if I log out and log back in again.

Here's a screencast showing what I mean;

Hope somebody can point out where I am going wrong.

The site uses Yagendoo vAmazing theme combined with some custom work by so that the site provides quotation requests rather than online sales, but I don't think this should be impacting on this back office behaviour.

Thanks in advance

Steve Vyse



I'm still struggling with this. Does anyone have a clue as to what might be going on and how I can fix it?



nice video.

There are two things which could happen.
First check "Set the pagination sequence for the List Box" in the virtuemart config, tab template. It should be empty, or use something like 10,20,50,100 or so.
Second your template looks a bit different, maybe it is just the template.

I can not remember that I saw this bug before.
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Also follow this thread (is for the front pagination) but will work for the backend. Make your changes and remeber to clean your cache (and browser cache).

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