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Can VirtueMart do this?

Started by zhumar, January 04, 2013, 14:53:10 PM

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We have a client that runs a bakery. They want a store to sell their tarts. They sell the tarts in packs of 6 or 12. In each pack, the user can select 6 or 12 flavors of tarts respectively. I see this as having a product for a 6 pack and a 12 pack. Then, each flavor can be a sub-product of the two packs.

Here is where I'm not sure if VirtueMart will work out of the box.
1. Does VirtueMart allow sub-products in the way I am describing them here?
2. Can you specify a quantity on sub-products? For example, if a user wants 3 strawberry flavored tarts, can they just put a 3 in a quantity box like in regular products?
3. Can you place a quantity requirement on sub-products? For example, if a user selects a 6 pack, they will be required to select a total quantity of 6 more and no less.

If any of this does not make sense, please let me know. 


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How do I set it up? I couldn't find where to do it all when I was playing with it.

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go in the parent product and there you will find the option to add a product variant. Yes, the child product has also a quantity box on the add to cart button.
Get translatable custom fields:


Hmm, not sure this is really what I'm looking for. I added 3 child products to the 6 pack product, but the children don't show up anywhere with the 6 pack. This also doesn't seem to do anything about the required quantity.

Basically, The flow should be like this:

1. User hits storefront and selects either a 6 pack or 12 pack
2. User gets taken to a new page where they can select flavors
3. If the user selected the 6 pack, they will be required to purchase 6 products on this page. Whether it be 2 of one, 3 of another and 1 last flavor, it just needs to add up to 6. The same goes for the 12 pack except with a total of 12.
4. Once user has 6 or 12 flavors, they can check out and finish their order