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Free VirtueMart Open Graph Meta Tag for Facebook sharing

Started by Jumbo!, December 20, 2012, 21:12:32 PM

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I installed it and it seems to work fine.
Thanks a lot.
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Do we need to manually add OG information like title, content, image, etc for each product? Or is it automatically extracted from the product information?


Products, categories, articles etc information are incorporated automatically. No manual interventions are needed.


Thank you my friend!
I just installed it and now my FB links show the product picture! Thats grate!
Just one thing ive notice, the og:type is always "website" no matter what i choose.
And i think that for VM products the og:type should be "product", so the other tags like price will be valid. Now the FB developer website tells me that the following tags are not valid for "og:type website":

product:category, product:brand, product:price:amount, product:price:currency, product:sale_price:amount, product:sale_price:currency, product:retailer_part_no, product:availability, product:weight:value, product:weight:units



That's strange. Are you sure you have selected it correctly in the plugin settings? Check again. Clear cache of your after making the change.

Also post the site link so that I can check it myself.


Hi Jumbo,

I one of your customer VP Merchant, I downloaded Open Graph Meta Tag Plugin, share link in WhatsApp image show up

but in my website, image won't show, is there setting fo this?



VM OG Meta Tag plugin adds Open Graph Meta Tag to the site. These tags are used by Facebook. This has no relation with WhatsApp.

Moreover, please note that this not our support forum. If you have any queries regarding any of our products then please post your query in our support forum -


VM OG Meta Tag v4.0 released. This update makes the plugin also compatible with Joomla! 4 and VirtueMart 4. It also included important improvements. We recommend all existing users install the update as soon as possible.

Refer to the changelog to learn more -